Whistler Ski Area: Pemberton

a Back  Country Adventure 

Camping Sloquet Hot Springs

Meager Creek Hot Springs, Officially Closed, since the bridge was washed out, but accessible.

2 hours 64 km drive West by 4 x 4 then 9.5 km on foot, so you must over night, Take the paved Pemberton Meadows Road do not turn off it when it becomes a gravel municipal road, that then becomes the South Creek FSR. At 40 Km the road forks. Take the up-hill south fork (left) on very rough zig zagging dirt track of an old logging road for about 4 km, then 6 km along VOC Harrison Hut Trail where it meets the old Meager Creek Hotsprings trail for 3.5 km more .

The Hotsprings consist of 3 beautiful cascading pools, built by volunteers. The lowest pool right beside Meager Creek.

Vehicle Access: 4 x 4 vehicle or a full size pick-up with high clearance. Or deep winter  snowmobile via Miller Creek over the pass or down off the Meager Glacier / Pemberton Ice Cap with Snowmobile or X-Country Skis.

As site is not now serviced, bring a shovel & be prepared to dig the sand out of the pool of your choice. Best practice is to let it flush for 45 min.s  before use.

The new trail: VOC Harrison Hut Trail built Summer 2014 by Volunteers from UBC Varsity Outdoor's Club, completed Aug 2014. No dogs allowed pool side. Best to keep dogs leased as its a wildlife area. i.e. Mt. Sheep, Mt. Goats , Coyotes, Wolves, Deer, Moose, Grizzlies & Black Bear. Free & Free Camping - but not allowed pool side, because of health reasons & because its a  seismically active zone. No over-nighting in valley bottom at all. Most people camp at edge of forest on Valley side at edge of clear cut.  Expect future fees if Trail Tenure is granted.

​​Onsen     Whistler Hot Springs  Onsen

11/4 hrs East Saint Agnes Well Hotsprings, Skookumchuck Hotsprings, Sloquet Hotsprings 1 3/4 hrs East

 🔑 Keyhole Hotsprings 11/4 hrs West​ ^ Click ^ for Google Maps Links from Pemberton to each local   Hot Springs    

Keyhole Hot Springs Alexia Molina Vimeo 153071461
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              Winter access expect to  use skis or snow shoes                           from In-SHUCK-ch FSR. BCHydro crews are inspecting                 lines, up to 3 days a week with skidos. Snowmoblie                   trail is often packed enough one can walk in on foot.

Link to FSR Road reports .
 Sloquet Hot Springs  49.741081, -122.301382

Thanks to   UBC Varsity Outdoors Club for great info'  


 In winter Road NOT  Plowed !!!

Bridge out  South of Port Douglas no passage via Harrison West FSR untill further notice.

     Full time attendant on site $5/ person  $15 to camp. Sloquet Hotsprings can be accessed from the north via Pemberton & Mount Currie or from the South via FSR/logging roads on the west side of Harrison Lake. The Hotsprings consists of a series of small but excellent hot pools in a wilderness setting. Hot water pours out of the forested side of the bank of Sloquet Creek & flows into 2 intimate 2 person upper pools- tight fit, then into a the larger shallow lower pool. On occasion, the water in the upper pools may be too hot to bathe in. Caution Burning: There is a phenomenon called supernatant liquid. A layer of lighter pure cooler water can float on top of the denser mineral rich hot springs water. Dipping your toe into the top of the 1st pool may deceive you. The water underneath may be hot enough to scold & cause 2nd or 3rd degree burns. Check the temperature below the surface before jumping into 1st pool, by dipping in with a bottle on a lanyard or a pot, not your hand or foot. Th 3rd main pool farther down the creek is usually the just right temperature.               

                            From the North: longer of the 2 routes but can be done with a 2-wheel drive vehicle like a pickup, with good ground clearance, though a 4x4 is strongly recommended.

Pemberton through the old village of Mount Currie on Hwy99, take a right turn at the little white Church onto the Duffey Lake Road toward Lillooet - if you see signage for D’Arcy & Seton Portage you have missed the turn off.

After ~ 10 km & crossing the bridge over Lillooet River at the delta & head of Lillooet Lake, turn right, take the south gravel fork, with a sign saying "Lillooet Lake Lodge, 12 km" & “ In-SHUCK-ch FSR “ Forest Service Road . If your driving uphill on a paved road you've missed the turnoff.

Do not turn at ~ 30 km fork. Do not take the Right forkthat leads overo a bridge at the Tenas Narrows but instead go straight ahead down the left fork.

Continue south for another 45 km or so, passing Rogers Creek, Saint Agnes Wells, Hotspring the village of Stikin formerly Skookumchuck with its distinctive wood gothic church, Gowan Creek, Livingston Creek, Frank Creek, & Whiskey Lake to reach the Port Douglas fork. Take the right fork.

Lelachen Bridge : ~ 4 km (49:47:19-122:13:19) over the Lillooet River to its west side. A few hundred meters past the bridge you'll reach a weird four-way intersection. Take the left fork, continuing along the Lillooet River.

Sloquet Creek Bridge: Continue South on Lillooet River Road ~ 4 km to a fork just before the Sloquet Creek bridge (49:45:29-122:13:56), leave the main logging road by turning right onto a spur road that heads west.

After just 50 m, you'll reach another fork. Take the left fork and follow this road for 10 km to a parking spot (49:43:54-122:19:37). Lots of room for parking & camping.

Past the camp site & parking the road is pedestrian only & blocked by 2 big boulders. The hot springs is a steep downhill 400 m hike. Take note, that means you need hike back up & out almost ½ Km uphill after soaking in the Hotsprings. Climb down to the river bed; the hotspring is on your left 49:43:44-122:19:32

From the South: high clearance 4-wheel drive only, because rough sections of road especially last 20 km towards Port Douglas from Harrison Hotsprings. They are currently working on the Road as of Spring Summer 2015, but the work stopped Summer 2015, because Harrison Forest Fire. These last 20 km were neglected for the last 20 years since the closing of the Sawmill at Port Douglas.

Bridge out  South of Port Douglas no passage via Harrison West FSR  From Vancouver take the Lougheed Highway via Mission & Agassiz near Harrison Mills, head north on the Morris Valley FSR (logging road). Stay right past the 1st few major forks to reach the main Harrison West FSR which all along Harrison Lake, then past the end of the lake to just past the Sloquet Creek bridge. From here use the directions above from the North.


                                                               Link to FSR Road reports​                   

Notice: Don`t just rely on e-maps only, bring a real  paper roadmap & water proof trail map & a real analog - battery free- old fashioned compass too!  Please check latest road reports before proceeding. On Backroads have a basic tool kit including: Full tank of gas, gas can, hose, hose repair i.e. strips cut from inner tube, Duct Tape, bubble gum,  flares, flashlights, jacks, shovel, tire iron, vice grip, leatherman, at least 1 spare tire - 2 is better, water for people & vehicle, refillable water cans, & several cans of "run flat" aerosols to re-inflate tires, so you don't need a Tow Truck!    ¿\  סּ͡͡ TOW 「סּ͡. 

 Check latest road up dates at  link before heading out.  

For informational/educational purposes only. We accept no liability

    The 🐻 Bears 🐻 are now awake from their long winter sleep ZzzGive them wide berth as they are hungry & grumpy (March 21/2017). Be Bear Smart.     Be Bear Aware.  

Winter: don't enter tree wells as bears Hibernate in Tree wells. óÔÔòʕ·͡ᴥ·ʔóÔÔò  Summer: Use Caches for food. 

Sloquet Hot Springs West Harrison ♨
meager creek hot springs vimeo abandoned places 128689221

Road Plowed: סּ͡͡ Plow「▀סּ͡l \

Saint Agnes Well: Traditional Pioneer Name. 

T`sek or T`sik:Official new name & Original pre-Columbian name.

Skookumchuck Hotsprings: Common name

Lat. & Long.: 49.937778,  -122.408333
In-SHUCK-ch FSR 47 km: 1  1/2 hrs to the East of Pemberton just before the town of Skookumchuck (trad.) renamed Skatin is on the In-SHUCK-ch Forest Service Road, In Shuck ch FSR, AKA Lillooet River Road, North.More detailed directions below under Sloquet.
NEW Key words Google Maps: " Skookumchuck Hot Springs" $10/vehicle, $10/person, kids 10 & under free. If you don't overnight there's no vehicle charge. $7.50 per adult Overnight.  

For more detailed driving directions refer to 1st sec` Sloquet Hotsprings this page. Link to FSR Road reports 

<==  🔑 Keyhole Hot Springs1 1/4 hr. drive West 

Sloquet Hot Springs  3/4 hr. & 

Skookumchuck Hot Springs  1/4 hr. drive East ==> 

                                    <  🚗 driving directions  🚗  

Keyhole Hotsprings       óÔÔòʕ·͡ᴥ·ʔóÔÔò 

CLOSED Due to Bears for Summer Winter access expect to use skis or snow shoes on Trail. 

 Location: 50.66676°-123.46032°​ Trail Head 50.668196°-123.455214°

   AKA: Keyhole & Pebble Creek Hot Springs. On Upper Lillooet FSR 1 hr West of Pemberton, on a serviceable polwed 4x4 dirt road; Lillooet Forest Service Road  AKA Upper Lillooet Forest Service Road (FSR). Cost: Free & Free Camping. Part of Meager Creek Hotspring / Geothermal Vent System. Summer 2014 new trail opened. Longer but easier, ~ 1mile / 1.5 km long, new parking at ~ 42.5 Km, new bridge & new improved dirt road. Area up hill of Hotsprings is a designated "Ungulate Area" for Mountain goats...

if you must bring a dog keep it leashed - Also a good idea because of all the bears around. Road plowing scheduled for Upper Lillooet "Dams" Hydro Projects.    Link to FSR Road reports .